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MCN Trailer Park LLC - Mobile homes for rent
3125 West Hillsborough Ave Tampa FL 33614

 tampa-mobile-home-park-house707com 3125 West Hillsborough Ave., Tampa, Florida 33614. $125.00 to $160.00 per week rentals. 1 and 2 bedroom units are available. You can pay weekly or monthly. Great location and close to everything. We are located in the city limits of Tampa Florida.

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This condo is ready rent.
9550 Lake Chase Island Way. Tampa FL 33626

Westchase homes for rent Tampa Florida 3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1345 Sq  Ft ,Rent is $1500.00  Lake front - Call (813) 433-0120 Click here for more information

Home for rent in Clearwater Florida.
803 Vine Ave Clearwater FL 33755

Home for rent in Clearwater Florida 33755 1 Bedrooms, 1 bathrooms, Duplex, affordable. Rental $550.00 per month. First and Last Months rent plus 25.00 Background Check. Duplex for rent Clearwater 33755 - Call (813) 433-0120 Click here for more information Vine Ave Clearwater FL 33755

Tampa Bay area all inclusive Property Management services.

Tampa property management Homeowners of rental property in the Tampa Bay area can rest easy with Langee Realty, Inc. We're here to manage and maintain your Tampa Bay rental property. More than 25 years of real estate and property management experience has taught us how to protect you and your rental property. We offer a variety of affordable Tampa property management related services, such as tenant locator services, lease preparation, rent collection, maintenance coordination, and financial reporting.

If you are an owner of a rental property, and thinking about allowing a property management company in Tampa Bay to manage your investment property, you should ask the following questions prior to contracting with a management company:

-What resources does the company use to find tenants for your rental property?

-How many years has the company been doing business in the Tampa Bay area?

-What type of tenant screening will be done?

-Will a criminal background check and credit check be conducted?

-How much investment real estate experience does the company have?

-How will the company collect and distribute rental income on your Tampa Bay property?

-Does the company employ a maintenance staff that will handle general maintenance issues at your Tampa area rental property?

Langee Realty Inc. is a full service Property Management Company in Tampa, Florida providing landlord services, property management, and tenant locator services for local and absentee owners in the Tampa bay area.

Homes for rent in Tampa Florida

If you are thinking about relocating to Florida, you may want to consider renting a home in Tampa. Moving to Tampa Florida is a good choice with everything there is to see and do. It is warm, sunny, offers low taxes and is full of friendly people. Tampa offers warm temperatures all year long for people who want to get away from the cold weather.

This city offers professional sports for the sports lover and also some of the most excellent schools, colleges and universities around. It has an international airport if you need quick access to the airlines.

The Gulf of Mexico is nearby so that you can enjoy many fun water activities. You will discover many parks and a zoo close by to take your family. By renting a home in Tampa, you can rest assured that you will always have plenty of activities going on around you all year round.

If you are going to rent a home in Tampa Florida, you will find many properties to choose from. You can save money living in Tampa because rental homes are very affordable and rent for low rates. You will be close to all your favorite area attractions and have everything at your fingertips. If you are vacationing, renting a home in this area is a wise decision with it being better then staying in a one-room hotel and rental homes also have many great amenities and plenty of space to go along with it. You can rent a single family home, a condominium or even a mobile home in the Tampa area depending on your needs for a very reasonable price.

The beaches in Tampa Florida are great for the whole family to enjoy. There are recreational places for swimming, golf, football, softball, baseball, soccer, tennis and picnic areas and playgrounds for the family. Renting a home in Tampa has many benefits with everything it has to offer. To find out about rental properties in Tampa you can search on the internet to find many available listings. The selection of rental properties that you will find may be for houses, condominiums, and villas. Some of these rental properties may come with a swimming pool and other features included. Once you find a rental property that you are interested in you will need to speak with the home owner or agent renting the property to get more information.

Homes for rent in Hillsborough County Florida

If you are thinking about renting a luxury home or another type of home, you should go to Hillsborough County Florida to see what they have to offer. This area specializes in building homes for people who want more in amenities and services. The settings of these luxury homes are in elite locations with breath taking views. Tampa is located in this county and offers many lovely beaches, palm trees and calm settings. Along with the many luxury homes, you can find other styles of homes available to rent. Many of these homes offer affordable low monthly rental rates. This area offers things for people of all ages to see and do. The temperatures are very warm normally never under seventy-five degrees during the year and there are many sunny days for vacationers to explore this popular destination.

In Hillsborough County, golf is a popular sport with some of the best gold courses around the country. This attracts tourist and many people from all over the country making this their home. You will find many homes for sale and for rent in this area to meet anyone standard of living. Tampa is considered a coastal city because of the many oceanfront properties that are luxury homes. The school system is fantastic in the area of Hillsborough County that is committed to higher education. If you are relocating and need a good place for your children to attend school this is the perfect place with the outstanding school systems available.

There are many styles of homes in the area that rent for different monthly rates. You will be able to find the perfect rental property to fit within any budget. This is a great place for young families to start out and for retirees that want to settle down in a beautiful community. It is the perfect place to live and raise your family. When thinking about beaches there are not many places that can even come close to the beauty of what Hillsborough County has to offer. Moving here can be one of the best choices that you can make with the affordable rental rates and all the beautiful homes in the area to choose from. To find homes for rent in Hillsborough County Florida you can go on the internet and search for properties. The internet can offer many ways for you to find the perfect property that you are looking for.

Home for rent in Port Richey Florida

When most people think of Florida they think of sunshine, warm temperatures and beaches. These are all true of Florida but most people also think that one beach is the same as the rest but this is not true. If being near a great beach is the purpose of your vacation then any of them would be good but if you want the best beaches choose the Gulf coast over the Atlantic coast and of all the Gulf coast beaches the ones around Clearwater are the best. Clearwater has some of the highest rated beaches in the world and the highest rated beaches in the United States. Clearwater also offers the advantage of being close to Tampa Gulfport and St. Petersburg which adds up to a great place to spend some time unwinding and doing nothing but having fun and relaxing.

If you are going to spend a lot of time in Clearwater, you might as well save some money while you are here. Instead of staying in the usual motel or hotel why not rent a home. The prices of these properties are very attractive and they have many advantages over staying in a hotel or motel. One main money saver is that with most of these properties you can deal direct with the owner cutting out the realtor and all of his charges. You can get these properties close to the beaches or any of the other attractions that the Clearwater area has to offer. Some of the advantages of using a rental property are that you will have more freedom of movement, more room, more comfort and you can save money by eating in the comfort of the home instead of going to restaurants to eat three times a day.

Now all you have to do is decide what you are going to do with the money that you save.

The Clearwater area has many activities to offer for you to pass your time. You can swim; go snorkeling, and a hundred other activities that are related to the beaches. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you might want to drop in on Moccasin Lake Nature Park. It offers fifty-one acres of trails, exhibits, and events such as hikes, and fireside concerts. If you choose to partake of one of the hikes you will be able to see some of the wildlife that is a part of the area such as birds, butterflies, and many different plant species. If you do get tired of cooking in your rental property, the area offers many restaurants that can please any palette. You can eat seafood, exotic foods, steaks or any other dish you desire. One thing is if you are going to come to Clearwater make your plans early and set up your accommodations as soon as possible to make sure that you get the rental property that suits your needs to a tee.

Homes for rent in Pinellas County Florida

If you are thinking of moving to Florida then the west coast of the state is where you want to locate. Of all the west coast areas to settle, Pinellas County has the most to offer. Situated on the Gulf Coast Pinellas County offers some of the best beaches in the country. The area has much to offer, it has beautiful beaches, large cities such as Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, and of course the fantastic weather. If you would rather live in a smaller quieter community, you may want to choose Indian Shores or Treasure Island as your place to live. All of these areas have prime real estate to choose from and with the prices dropping now is a great time to buy or rent in the area.

You can find homes on or near the beach that will fit any budget or lifestyle. You can choose from condominiums, apartments, single-family homes, or even huge mansions it is all here in Pinellas County. You will find families that are just starting, first time homebuyers, and retirees all living in close proximity to each other. Renting is a very attractive alternative in this area if you do not want to be tied down to a mortgage. Renting offers advantages such as more freedom since the owner of the property will be responsible for most of the upkeep it will free up your time to enjoy the many activities that the area has to offer.

Another advantage to renting in the area is that many of the homes are privately owned and can be rented at very affordable prices. The beauty of renting from a private owner is that you are cutting out the middleman and all of the fees that a realtor would charge on top of the rent. Since you will have spare time on your hands if you rent you will find time to enjoy the beauty and activities of Pinellas County. Pinellas County has thirty-five miles of coastline, with two of the top ten beaches in the country. There are multiple parks and a thirty-four mile long bike trail for cycling enthusiast. There is a historical village, and museum along with music, arts, and cultural events for all to enjoy. If you have children, the Pinellas County school system is one of the best in the state. Finding these properties is easy since they are being advertised in magazines, newspaper, and on the internet. If you are considering settling in the area make your plans as soon as possible before everyone realizes what they are missing in Pinellas County Florida.

Langee Realty Inc. tenant late fees policies.

1. Depending on your lease, the rent is due either on the 1st of the 15th day of the month

2) If all of the rent is not in the office within five days of the rent due date, a late fee of 10% of the monthly rent will be charged to tenant. (Late fees take effect on the 6th or 21st day of the month depending on your lease.)

3) Tenants who have not paid all of their outstanding charges within five days of the rent due date, will receive a three day eviction notice and be subject to a $50.00 notice fee charge. (Notice fees take be delivered on the 6th or 21st day of the month depending on your lease.)

4) Tenants who have not paid all of their outstanding charges within the three day eviction notice period are subject to a $500.00 eviction charge and subject to eviction proceeding with the appropriate county court.

1. Hand deliver your rent to our office located at 3125 West Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, Florida 33614.
We accept cash, checks, or money order. Our hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

2. Mail your rent payments to Langee Realty Inc. 3125 West Hillsborough Ave. (D-10) Tampa, Florida 33614. We accept checks and money order. Payment must be in the office within five days of the rent due date. We do not look at the postmark date.

3. (Recommended) Pay online using our Web Access Portal. We use a national firm, Rent Manager Inc., to facilitate and simplify the rent payment process. You can pay rent directly from your bank account or credit card. Some minor fees do apply. For more information and access to the Web Access Portal, Call Lara at 813 333 5263. Click on the pay online button at the bottom of the page.

Do not make payments directly into the Old Regions Bank Account.

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Florida Landlord Eviction Service

Florida Landlord Eviction Service LLC

We are an affordable landlord eviction document preparation service in the Tampa bay area. We assist you in the document preparation and then track your case through the courts. Our service areas are in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco, Counties in Florida.
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Eviction notice delivery and document preparation services.
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Ask about our magic eviction notice delivery program. Eviction Notice Delivery 35.00 Hillsborough and Pinellas County. $45.00 Pasco County Florida. See more info

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